We’re Making Something Unreal

We’re Making Something Unreal

Lucid Games are delighted to have been named by Epic Games as one of the mentor studios for the 2013 ‘Make Something Unreal Live’ competition.

For Make Something Unreal Live 2013, more than 170 students across 22 teams submitted game pitches that cleverly played on the theme of “Mendelian inheritance: genetics and genomics,” which spans concepts such as variation, mutation and other behaviors of the human genome.

Lucid will be mentoring Team Summit from Abertay University who are one of the four teams to have made it to the final. Team Summit will be developing their title ‘Beings’, which according to PC Games N (http://www.pcgamesn.com/article/make-something-unreal-live-2013-finalists-announced) is ‘an exceptionally cute puzzle platformer in the mold of Pikmin or Kameo’.

Although we won’t be directly ‘hands on’ in the development of the title, we’ll be on hand to offer practical advice and guidance on the development of the game, as well supporting the team when they make their final presentations on stage at the Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC in April 2013.

Follow all of the teams progress via their official facebook page, follow team summit on twitter and facebook.